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The Cannim Story

The Seed

Cannim’s story is one of purpose driven collaboration to help those suffering needlessly when medicinal cannabis can help; a passion to help Jamaica and to keep Australia at the forefront of medical advances; and the aspiration to be the Australasian leader of the global movement in the fastest growing industry worldwide.

Cannim’s genesis was the four Worton brothers in Jamaica and Australia who recognised the benefits of medicinal cannabis from personal memories that it provided pain relief in cancer (and also helped treat asthma attacks and anxiety with “ganja tea”!).

After research and meetings with people involved in cannabis cultivation, processing, hardware, cannabis testing labs, budding cannabis venture capitalists, doctors and universities in geographies ranging from Jamaica to California, Oregon and Massachusetts as well as Australia, a plan to enter the market evolved.

The plan was based on 3 issues identified:

  • quality standards and product information were not widespread
  • cultivation was traditionally an “art” rather than a consistent approach
  • production was fragmented with unpredictable supply

Based on prior experience with raising capital and listing businesses in the USA and Australia, the bold plan initiated was to create a business with a scale that could significantly impact the global industry.

Jamaica Red Moon was incorporated in Jamaica in January 2017 with Cannim Group incorporated in Australia afterwards.

One of the first decisions was to acquire a farm of 500 acres in Jamaica.

However, with the brothers recognising their limitations, the very first decision was to identify and recruit an expert team.

This is Cannim’s main asset: a committed, diverse team with a demonstrable track record of success in their fields. The team includes world renown thought leaders and pioneers from Israel effectively transplanting Israel’s global market leadership in medicinal cannabis to Cannim’s Jamaican operations. Other expertise ranges from managing farms over 1,000s of acres, “big-pharma” and drug development; legal and M&A, regulatory compliance, logistics and security; through to capital markets and entrepreneurial acumen.

Cannabis and Jamaica

Cannabis culture runs deep in the soul of Jamaica. Not just in the popular image of Bob Marley and reggae music or even as a spiritual sacrament by Rastafarians and their association with “ganja”. Cannabis has been an integral part of traditional Jamaican remedies with an infusion of cannabis in white over-proof rum a staple component of every grandmothers’ medicine cabinet.

Less well known is that the first approved pharmaceutical drug developed from cannabis was in Jamaica in 1983 called Canasol for the treatment of Glaucoma, with Asthmasol launched for the treatment of Asthma in 1990.

Importantly, widespread use of cannabis in Jamaica means it is a beacon to researchers who want to study its effects.

Cloning activities in Australia

Australia’s cannabis legislation was slower to develop than in Jamaica so Cannim’s priority was on securing licenses, initiating cultivation and generating revenue from Jamaica.

Cannim has now acquired an Australian farm and has applied for licenses to replicate its Jamaican operations. and to leverage the global talent and capital it has attracted. Underpinned by research, Australian operations will focus on the emerging Australian and Asian markets.

The Movement

Bold visions cannot be achieved alone and Cannim attracted talent and formed alliances to cooperate internationally on systems, strains and know-how developed over combined decades of anecdotal and regulated use of medicinal cannabis.

From our strategic beach-heads in Israel, Jamaica, Australia, the UK and Europe, we are extending our relationships to the China, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

With significant offtake agreements already established, our common purpose of delivering medicinal cannabis as part of cannabis’ movement from the shadow into the light© is being achieved.


A world leading vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company that reclaims cannabis and restores health.


An expert international team building a premium vertically integrated medicinal and wellness cannabis business to supply safe and reliable products to restore health around the world.
Cannim is built on three values, safety, science and scale. We believe these are necessary to be successful in the medicinal cannabis arena. The cannabis industry is plighted with product inconsistency and unfounded claims. Through keeping these values at the foundation of everything Cannim does, we are able to ensure quality cannabis and consistency of supply for healthier outcomes.
Circular Integration
With Cannim’s various international operations, it has established itself as a fully vertically integrated company. This ensures safety, science and scale is applied at every stage from cultivation to processing, final production and distribution. Cannim also goes a step further by using a circular integration model.

Circular integration takes vertical integration to another level. While Cannim controls every level of the value chain, it also applies scientific and anecdotal research at each stage to better refine its processes and products. This means we get feedback throughout our value chain to drive continuous improvement.

With its motivated and experienced executive team, Cannim’s gene to medi-scene© business ensures that it is not reliant on third party providers but can control and ensure quality, as well as realise economies of scale for cost and price efficiencies.

As a means of generating competitive advantage, Cannim’s licenses range from cultivation to research and development and processing, in keeping with its plans for a circular integrated modular business “from gene to medi-scene©” . This is illustrated below, centred around testing (for safety), translational research to support cannabis treatment (science) and driving for the scale necessary for reliable, consistent, medicinal quality output.

Market strategy

Medicinal cannabis markets are in their infancy. We have developed a detailed strategic plan to maximise the market opportunity and grow our product and brand.

Our key market segments are:
Significant components of our German and UK marketing plan will include:

We are taking 3 alternative routes to market, Direct, through Alliances, and through Channels. Cannim has had success in each of these approaches and is now in discussions to replicate these approaches and expedite growth.


Since formation, a number of key milestones to progress the business have been reached.

Jan ‘17

Incorporation of Jamaica Red Moon Ltd

June ‘17

Incorporation of Cannim Group Pty Ltd

July ‘17

Conditional licences granted by the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA)

  • Cultivation Tier 1 & Tier 2
  • Processing Tier 1
  • R&D Analytical
  • R&D Experimental
August ‘17

Purchase farm in Jamaica

Size: 500 acres (for cultivation & processing)

Jan ‘18

CLA – cultivation licence granted in Jamaica

Feb ‘18

Agreement with 134 year old Jamaican pharma company

Development, manufacturing and distribution

Feb ‘18

1st greenhouse in Jamaica

June ‘18

Established Jamaica licensed cannabis association

June ‘18

SEZ operating status

Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority

Jan ‘19

Construction started on Jamaican processing facility

Feb ‘19

Clinical trial specified

Endometreoisis – pain relief

March ‘19

Australian license applications lodged

  • Medicinal Cannabis License applications lodged with the Dept of Health – Office of Drug Control (cultivation, processing, manufacturing and research)
  • Hemp Licence lodged with Queensland Dep of Agriculture and Fisheries (Research)
March ‘19

Purchased Australian farm

Size: 500 acres (for cultivation, processing and manufacturing)

March ‘19

Agreement with leading manufacturing company

Supply, manufacturing and development of cannabis products.

March ‘19

Coral Cove wellness centre

Treatment of pain opioid addiction centre

April ‘19

Agreements with distibution and product development companies in Isreal, Germany and UK.

April ‘19

First harvests

Mulitple strains

April ‘19

Hemp researcher license granted in Australia

Queensland Agriculture and Fisheries

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