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Cannim Group Pty Ltd (“Cannim” or “Company”) is a medicinal and health cannabis company developing operations in Jamaica, Australia, Israel, Europe and the Americas. Until recently cannabis cultivation was illegal in most countries and as a result cannabis cultivation has traditionally been a fragmented cottage industry with minimal quality standards. With changes in the regulatory landscape globally, the industry is changing shape creating an opportunity for companies that can offer higher quality products supported by further research.

Medicinal cannabis is seen as a potential alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers and as a treatment for a wide range of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. As global recognition of the benefits of medicinal cannabis increases there is a burgeoning need for high quality products with known components, cultivated at scale for consistent and reliable supply to health users.

Cannim is positioned to become a global leader by creating a fully integrated cannabis company combining decades of global experience including, significantly, Israeli technology and expertise in cannabis cultivation, science, strains and processing with large scale agricultural practice, cannabis health product development and a strategic international marketing approach.

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Scale of Growth in the Cannabis Industry

The market in most countries and globally is at an early stage and expected to grow exponentially. This is supported by numerous analysts and research groups, with varying projections surrounding forecast growth over the coming decade. One constant holds true amongst all analysts - they are all forecasting rapid and sustained growth in demand from a new class of consumers.

As one researcher eloquently suggests about such growing interest, “ it’s not about getting high or inebriated - they just don’t want to be in pain”. With regards to the scale of the growth, analysts suggest the following:

  • Grand View Research estimates a CAGR of 34.6% with the legal cannabis market reaching US$146.4bn by 2025
  • Barclays forecast growth to US$272bn by 2028 of which an estimated US$55bn would be medicinal
  • Ameri Research & Cowen & Co estimate the annual cannabis market will be US$75bn by 2025

Cannim’s competitive advantage

Cannim has developed a competitive business for international rollout. The Cannim opportunity is compelling due to our potential in the rapidly growing medicinal cannabis market.

You can capitalise on this fast growing industry by investing in Cannim.

Cultivation of commercial scale cannabis plants.


Conversion of plant raw material to consumer ready cannabis, manufactured to GMP standards.

Product Development

Development of new specialised cannabis based products. Relationship with leading Jamaican conglomerate.


Delivery of GMP grade cannabis products to governments, wholesales and sales points (eg chemists).

Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Opioid addiction is the leading cause of death in the USA.

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